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The present ACM, was revived with the pioneering effort of a mix of young and experienced promoters starting in 1991. During this period, the company which had an initial capacity of 13,784 spindles has increased to 50,000 spindles and has increased its turnover multifold producing 20 Tones of Cotton and Excel Yarn per day.

Today, it has three spinning units to its credit and possesses the latest state- of- the- art technology. Adapting to changing customer needs, ACM has focused on producing specialty and value added products. These products are well accepted and continuously in great demand.

ACM Excels with Birla Excel Yarn

Excel yarn is newly introduced value added product in our profile. With the continuous co-operation and mutual effort from both Birla and ACM groups, the Excel yarn has gained good momentum and the product has taken off very well and largely accepted in manufacturing of shirting, furnishing and bed lines.

In the days to come, EXCEL YARNS could replace the silk yarn in some of the end uses and in such case “Sky is the Limit” for its applications.

Our Vision

Our passion for quality and unerring commitment to our customer's needs have earned us a reputation of being one of the best in India and abroad. We always rededicate ourselves to enhancing value for our customers by raising our own benchmarks. Our vision, you could call it belief, passion, unerring commitment or just an embedded expectation to be the "Best in Class".

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