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            In the era of fast pace of fashion new products in basic materials plays major role. It is possible only with new products, the design changes and appeal of the material. Birla has embarked on developing new product like Excel yarn which is third generation regenerated fibre after Viscose Rayon and modal. Unlike Viscose, newly developed Excel yarn is used in all the applications like Apparels, Shirting, Furnishing and Bed Lines. Excel’s usage is found in almost all the application because of its inherent characteristics like good absorption (13% against Viscose 12% Cotton 8% and Polyester 0% ), Excellent feel and fall after finishing of Fabric, Excellent lusture like silk, and can mingle with cotton, linen and other cellulosic fibres.

          Fabric made out of Excel yarn will be Skin friendly to the extent that small baby feels very comfortable and bed lines from this will be highly preferred items compared to cotton or cotton blends.

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