Anjaneya Cotton Mills


  ACM Manufactures a wide range of Products from 6s Ring Spun to 40s Ring Spun suitable for weaving and knitting from high quality Raw Material that includes specially selected varieties like Shankar, MCU5, Bunny, Brahmaand Giza from Egypt.


Product Range

  "Available in both Cone and Hank form"  
Cotton Yarns NE 6s to NE 40s Warp / Knitting
Slub Yarns NE 6s to NE 40s
High Twist Yarn NE 10’s to Ne 40s
Neppy Yarns NE 16s to NE 40s
Doubled Yarns NE 10/2s to NE 100/2s Grey & Gassed


Birla Excel Yarns


Packing Facility

Cone in bag and carton packing
Cartons on pallet and Cones on pallet
Hank in half and full bale packing

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Anjaneya Cotton Mills