Anjaneya Cotton Mills



Plant and Machinery


Blow Room Trutzschler, Crosrol With Vetal Contamination Separator
Cards Trutzschler DK760, DK780, TC03, Crosrol MK5A
Draw Frames RSB 851, Rieter RSB D 35
Speed Frames Lakshmi – LF1400A
Ring Frames Lakshmi - LR6
Autoconers Murata 21C (Uster-Quantum Clearer withFFD) Savio-Orion (LOEFPE with Siro Clearers)SchlofhorstAutoconer with Loeppe with Siro Clearing)
Packing Pallet Packing From Itw-Signode
Ring Doublers Jeets Tex
Yarn Conditioning ElgiProfix

Laboratory Equipments

Cascade System for Automatic Computerised Count and Strength
Electronic Twist Tester  
Evenness Tester Premier IQ Quail Centre
Classimate Tester Premier Classi Data


Human Resource


Apart from being equipped with latest Hardware, Specially selected and groomed professionals at ACM are capable of responding and adopting themselves to meet any challenge with regards to quality, reliability and timely supply.

To meet the domestic and international customer needs, ACM ensures that the operatives receive right kind of training at in house training facility. A system is evolved to ensure proper communication which percolates from top to bottom.

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